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The logo of Ellis Interiors featuring a small blue house with the words Ellis Interiors underneath in two different shades of blue.


Granite and Composite

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Fragranite is a unique material pioneered by Franke that contains 80% tough granite particles to resist burns, dents, chips and stains. Naturally textured, warm to the touch and with a subtle sheen these ultra-smooth surfaces are exceptionally easy to keep clean.

Stainless Steel

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The perfect material for ensuring cleanliness and hygiene. Stainless steel sinks and taps look beautiful, are resistant to staining, chipping and rust. Available in a variety of styles to suit your kitchen, they are hard-wearing and hygienic with sleek, elegant styling.


An image of Stainless Steel

Made from kiln-fired porcelain for a tough, smooth gloss finish able to stand up to even the harshest treatment. Ceramic sinks have that smooth high-gloss finish that you would naturally expect, designed to look perfectly pristine even after being subjected to years of use.


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Clear or coloured, a glass sink is an unusual yet striking feature when used within a kitchen but can add to the overall contemporary design where glass and gloss feature prominently throughout.

Specialist Taps

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A tap doesn't have to be just a tap so save time with an instant boil tap capable of providing boiling water straight out of the tap or a filter-flow tap designed to provide you with hot, cold or filtered water via different piping within the tap. Technology shouldn't compromise design and these stylish taps certainly prove that.

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