Ellis Interiors

The logo of Ellis Interiors featuring a small blue house with the words Ellis Interiors underneath in two different shades of blue.

Ellis Interiors is a family run business located in Haverhill, Suffolk. Husband and Wife, Dave and Jane Ellis have had over 30 years' experience in the trade, starting off their first joint business as Ellis Electrical in 1991. Since 2005 they have become specialists in home improvements and offer a personalised and friendly service.

A photo of owners David and Jane stood outside the showroom entrance either side of their advertisement board on a sunny day.

At Ellis Interiors we offer everything you need to make a house your home ranging from kitchens, bathrooms, bedrooms and studies to flooring and decorating. All designs are individual to your wants and needs and we offer a free consultation visit to discuss ideas and take measurements. For more information, please don't hesitate to contact us or drop into the showroom; see our 'Contact Us' page for more information.

Our Work Process

  1. Visit the showroom and have a friendly discussion with us.
  2. Book a free consultation visit where we will take measurements and further discuss your requirements.
  3. As you pick the products you want we’ll design your interior.
  4. We’ll invite you to a friendly design presentation in our showroom to discuss changes.
  5. Once the design is almost complete we’ll give you a date for work to commence.
  6. The date for work to commence will arrive and our fitters will install your dream interior.
  7. Once complete, the room is left clean, polished and ready for you to enjoy!